Evictions During Covid

Since Covid-19 struck, tenants have been protected by the state and federal government, including the CDC’s temporary halt on evictions. You may be wondering what that means for still evicting your tenants.

Attorney Aaron C. Medley can walk you through step by step what your legal rights are as a landlord or property manager, and how to prepare yourself to take those steps even during the moratorium on evictions.

Evictions Start at $500 plus filing fee

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    Who is
    Aaron C. Medley?

    Aaron is an experienced attorney works vigorously to represent his clients in and out of court. He has worked with real estate investors and property managers with thousands of units to evict tenants. Even after evicting, he has streamlined to prevent further evictions.

    What will you gain?

    -Evict tenants during Covid-19.

    -Protect against loss of rental income.

    -Be more effective in court.

    -Lower your stress.

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