Property Investors & Managers.

If you have over 5 properties or an apartment with over four units, it's time for a system. Managing too many properties and tenants cannot simply be done by adding contractors and employees. A system can streamline new tenants, rent payments, maintenance requests, evictions, and filling vacancies. All while compliant with Indiana Law.

Tenant Leases
Security Deposit Forms
10 Day Notice to Quit
Cash-for-Keys Agreements
Holding Companies
Property Management Agreements
and so much more...

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    Daniel E. Timm, JD MBA

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    Who is
    Daniel Timm?

    He has worked with real estate investors and property managers with thousands of units to create successful systems for their portfolios. As an active volunteer & community leader, his purpose for practicing law is his passion to serve. So, he is on a mission to bring a practical approach to the law and change the expectation level that companies have for the legal profession by delivering excellent and expedited client service while delivering fantastic results.

    What will you Gain?

    We will analyze all the parts of your rental portfolio, your team, and current system to identify issues, fill gaps, and improve your rental strategies. Investors & Managers have realized even more income, fewer evictions and vacancies, and overall less stress after implementing a customized system from CCSK Law.

    Call us: (219)230-3600