About Attorney Isaac Carr

Isaac Carr is a business attorney and CEO of CCSK Law. His areas of focus include real estate investments and systems, business formation and strategy, contract drafting, corporate finance, and various other aspects of the business and real estate world. Ultimately, he builds sustainable structures for systematic growth. Isaac has worked with multi-million dollar investors and property managers with thousands of rentals in order to compile the systems for Renting Indiana Real Estate (RINRE.com).  His course, systems, and contracts are made to:

  • Prevent loss of rental income
  • Be enforceable when evictions arise
  • Lower stress with a smoother system
  • Create better tenant relations for less turnover
  • Ensure greater compliance with Indiana Law

At CCSK Law, we had an idea to be different; to be better. We wished to “Improve the practice of law through innovation, technology, solutions beyond the law, and a network of attorneys and practice areas.” And that is our Mission. Renting Indiana Real Estate (RINRE.com) helps fulfill that mission by bringing law in a better way.  Real Attorneys with Real Solutions.

“If you’re stressed as a property manager, you’re doing it wrong.”

– Isaac Carr

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