Master Your Rentals

Learn How to Master Your Rentals with our Online Course!

This Full Course helps you:

  • Prevent loss of rental income
  • Reduce your appearances in court
  • Be more effective if you have to go to court
  • Lower stress with smoother systems
  • Create better tenant relations for less turnover and
  • Ensure greater compliance with Indiana Law

You will get:

  • 14 video modules
  • Master Your Rentals EBook & Workbook
  • 14 downloadable contracts (Residential Lease, 10 Day Notice to Quit, Security Deposit Form, and many more)
  • All with unlimited access

“Already being in Real Estate industry for sometime, I learned so much more about managing rentals, protecting yourself, and your investments. Can’t wait to share this with other investors and real estate professionals!”

Nick Kutchke, Realtor and Investor

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I thought I was going to just get contracts for my business, but I ended up with a whole new system and strategy! Wish there was even more!”

Angela King, Property Asset Manager

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

About Attorney Isaac Carr

A practical-oriented entrepreneur, strategist, consultant, attorney, and leader in the business world focused on results done the right way.  Often referred to as an entrepreneur with a law degree, Isaac is able to offer business strategy utilizing creative solutions guided by legal and real estate principles that are then well executed in law. He is the founder, CEO, and business attorney of CCSK Law. Ultimately, he builds sustainable structures for systematic growth.

Isaac has worked with multi-million dollar investors and property managers with thousands of rentals in order to compile the systems for Renting Indiana Real Estate (  

At CCSK Law, we had an idea to be different; to be better. We wished to “Improve the practice of law through innovation, technology, solutions beyond the law, and a network of attorneys and practice areas.” And that is our Mission. Renting Indiana Real Estate ( helps fulfill that mission by bringing law in a better way.  Real Attorneys with Real Solutions.

“If you’re stressed as a property manager, you’re doing it wrong.”

– Isaac Carr

Do you have more than 5 properties or an apartment with more than 4 units?

Its time to talk with an attorney. We provide flat fee services to customize the best system for you. Schedule your Free Initial Consultation today with Attorney Daniel Timm, JD MBA.

Real Attorneys. Real Solutions.

Need to Talk Evictions?

In many counties in Indiana, you need an attorney to claim damages over a certain amount. Don’t limit yourself or waste time with difficult tenants, Attorney Aaron C. Medley is ready to step in to court for you. So you can relax, while he takes care of business.

Evictions starting at $500 plus filing fees. Schedule your consultation today.

Real Attorneys. Real Solutions.

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